Alpenrose Cottage Hostel
Mount Shasta, California
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Alpenrose Cottage Hostel
204 E. Hinckley St.
Mount Shasta, CA 96067
Tel. # (916) 926-6724
Rates:  $15/person
Beds:  14
Private Rm. 1
Affiliation:  None
Office Hrs.:  8-noon & 5-10pm
May 24
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Above:  Alpenrose Cottage Hostel
Above:  Spotless Kitchen in the Alpenrose Cottage
Left Davison Hostel early yesterday.  Drove to Lake Tahoe.  Too hot & crowded.  Drove to Sacramento--too crowded.  Nine hours of hard mountain driving.  Arrived at the Alpenrose Cottage Hostel--Perfect!  Quiet, clean, peaceful.  It's located practically at the foot of Mount Shasta.
There's only one other hoseller here.  She came to Mt. Shasta from Austrailia to meditate.  Mt. Shasta is supposed to be some kind of a "major energy power grid of the planet".   I looked it up on the Internet and found some  information about it.  If you want to learn more about the "Shasta Power Grid" click onto their web site:
Above:  My nice, comfy bunk.

I'm getting tired of traveling.  Rather be home on my couch.  Gone 9,300 miles so far.  Don't feel like seeing anymore.  Just want to go home.
Tomorrow I'm headed to a hostel in Oregon.  I've made it this far,   I can't quit now, it will take me a week to get home anyway.  I might as well keep going!
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