June 10
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Cache Creek Campground
British Columbia, Canada
Left Birch Bay at 9:30 am and headed north through Frasier Pass.  Huge mountains.  Had hoped to drive further, but it was getting late so I stopped here at Cache Creek.
On the way here I stopped at Hell's Gate Airtram and took the ride to the bottom.
Above:  Cache Creek, a family campground.  
Left:  Pamphlet
Right:  Picture I took
Find out everything you want to know about Hell's Gate on their web site:
Left:  At the bottom of the canyon, a young couple asked me to take a picture of them sitting in 'the big chair'.  Then I asked them to take my picture in the 'big chair'.
Above:  A Frasier View.  Looks like a post card.
Above:  An 18 wheeler jack-knifed.  We couldn't pass until the heavy equipment made it's way up the mountain to move the truck.  It took about 2 hours.
Don't know if the driver was hurt or not.
Right:  Here's the first bear I saw.  It was a lot bigger in person--really.  Here it looks like a little, fuzzy dot.
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Mile "0" Campground
Dawson Creek, BC