Frenchman's Wilderness Campground & RV Park
St. Martin's Parish, Louisiana - Butte LaRose Ex 121
April 27
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I found Frenchman's Wilderness Campground & RV Park.  Perfect!  The swimming pool was just icing on the cake!!!
Good place to cool off and rest up for tomorrows journey.  I was going to need it!
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After Meaher State Park in Alabama  I planned on driving to New Orleans and spending the  night in the "Haunted Hostel". There are at least a couple of hostels in New Orleans, but I had read about the "haunted" one and that's where I wanted to stay.  I had the address, but there are so many one-way streets & so much traffic.  I was getting hot & tired.  I found the French Quarter though and walked around for awhile taking everything in. (I can't find my photos.)
Drove around a little longer looking for the hostel. Gave up on that.  Noticed that my car was due for an oil change so I found a "Jiffy Lube" place and had it done.  (I always make sure to change my oil every 3000 miles no matter where I am.)
After the oil change, I just wanted to find some nice, quiet, cool, cheap place to spend the night so I headed west out of the city.