Poconos Hostel
Cresco, Pennsylvannia
July 8
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Poconos Hostel
R.R. 2
Tel. # (717) 676-9076
Rates:  $12/HI member
Credit Cards: NO
Beds:  40
Private rms:  Yes
Affiliation: HI
Office Hrs.: 7-9am & 5-10pm
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July 9th
Right:  My room.  Bottom cot.
Open window.  Cool breeze.  I could here the brook running right outside my window.  Heard the birds in the morning.
Ahhh!  The wilderness.
There was only one other hosteller here.  She was a school teacher from California.
Above:  The upstairs rooms.  That's mine on the far left.
Above:  The Poconos Hostel.  Excellent end to an excellent journey.