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Polebridge, Montana
Glacier National Park
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August 15
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Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful parks  I've seen!
Left & Below:
  The road to North Fork Hostel in Poleridge, MT was almost as bad as the road to Deadhorse, Alaska.   Thankfully it was only about 7-10 miles long.
It wouldn't have mattered to me, except that my Kia had already been through hell and back and had never given me a problem.  It's just a regular 4 cylinder passenger vehicle, not a 4 X4 or a SUV.  Figured it was about due for a broken axel or something.  So I drove slow & cautiously.  Didn't feel like doing any hiking or paying for a tow truck & car repairs. 
North Fork Hostel
80 Beaver Drive
Tel # (800) 775-2938
Rates: $12/person
$25/private $35/cabin
Beds:  25
Affiliation:  None
Office Hrs. : 8am-10pm

Yeah!  Arrived in Polebridge!

Left:  Polebridge Center!  The store & post office--a tiny, tiny town.
Bread and pastries are baked fresh in the mercantile.

There's no electricity in the whole town!  The use propane & kerosene
After driving down this bumpy backroad 5 or 6 miles and not seeing anyone or anything except wilderness, I was beginning to hope that my trusty "Hostel USA" guidebook was correct and up to date.
The hostel book did not  describe this road or how long it would be before I reached Polebridge.  Time to get the maps out again, just to make sure.
A truck finally came by, I waved, and asked him, "...if this road leads to Polebridge & how far it it..."  He said it did--just a couple more miles.  Phew!
I've never seen beauty like this before! (except in pictures)
Even I couldn't mess up a photo of a scene like this!
One of the private cabins available for rent.
The North Fork Hostel.
Great...seriously...I really do like this rustic living!
No electricity, no TV, no radio, no phone (well, there was a cell phone), no traffic, no distractions.
The closest "entertainment" is between the Polebridge Mercantile & the Nothern Lights Cafe--the volley ball net and picnic tables where people come together to play, eat, & talk. 
Nails embedded benieth the windows on the porch to deter bears.
His & her outhouses.

But there was a shower available in the hostel.
The Flathead River located about 1/4 mile from the hostel.
Above & Right:
North Fork Hostel Kitchen with propane refridgerator and lights.
Left & Below:
The Northern Lights Cafe.
Just a short walk from the hostel.
Me & Joyce.  She was a hosteller & retired professor from Holland.  She and her husband met at a hostel 25 yrs. ago in England.
Waiting for the cafe to open.
Just about the whole town showed up that evening at the cafe for supper.
We all sat out at the picnic tables.  No lights, no candles.  Everyone sat there eating & talking right into the darkness. Your eyes kind of got used to it after awhile.
Like most, I brought a flashlight so I could find my way back to the hostel.
Leaving Poleridge.
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August 16
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