Hostel of the Rockies
St. Ignatius, Montana
July 1
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Hostel of the Rockies
St. Ignatius, MO
Tel. #(406) 745-3959
Rates:  $12/person
Beds:  16
Season:  Closed winter
Affiliation:  None
Office Hrs.:  Vary
Above:  Wanapam reservoir on the Columbia River I-90 (central) Washington State
Departed Birch Bay at 5:30 AM before anyone got up--I hate "good-byes".  Took I-90.
Visited the Ginko Petrified Forest State Park.
Saw the "Thundering Hooves Sculpture".  Needed a telephoto lens.
Drove through Idaho into Montana looking for the Hostel of the Rockies.  From what I read in my Hostel USA book, it sounds like an interesting place. 
Above:  Ginko Petrified Forest State Park, Washington
Check out their web site:
www.Ginko Petrified Forest
Left:  THUNDERING HOOVES SCULPTURE donated by David Govedare to Washington in 1989 during their cennial celebration.  It is comprised of 15 life-sized metal horses overlooking the Columbia River off I-90.
To learn more about the "Thundering Hooves" scultpure
Click onto their web page:
Right:  Here's the hostel "EARTHSHIP".  The outside is partially built into the earth.  Unique building materials include adobelike walls covering rammed earth, tires, and aluminum cans..
Stormy skies over Montana
Right:  National Bison Range near St. Ignatius, Montana
Above:  The inside of the "Earthship" is pleasant and cool.
Below:  The personalities of the managers are pleasant and warm.
Right:  The bunks in the "Earthship".
I enjoyed driving through Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota.  It's 'easy driving'.  Long, empty highways.  Rolling hills.  Clean air.  Uncongested, wide open spaces!
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July 2
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