Chicago International Hostel
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago International Hostel
6318 N. Winthrop
Tel. # (773) 262-1011
Rates:  $13/person
Affiliation:  None
Office Hrs.:  7-10AM &4-10PM
July 6
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Above:  Front lobby of the Chicago International Hostel
There are five hostels listed in my hostel book for Chigago.  When I got into Chicago I wasn't fussy--I stopped at the one that was easiest for me to find.
As I approached the city, I regretted even going there.  I could see the tops of the buildings towering through the clouds.  The traffic was zooming down the hightway, fender to fender.  I would have just stayed on the highway and gone right by Chicago, but damn, wouldn't ya' know it, I had procrastinated so long putting gas in the car that the little red idiot light was on!  I would have pushed it, but the light wasn't blinking--it had been on solid for awhile, so I knew I was driving on fumes.  I was lucky if I even made it to a gas station!  What an awful place that would be to run out of gas--right there in the middle of a 5 or 6 lane freeway!
Damn, exits on left...exits on right.  Entrances on left.  Entrances on right.  Hmmm.  Pick an exit--any exit.  Bingo, there's one, I'm off the freeway!  Now look for a gas station.  I drove quite a while in that city traffic  looking for a gas station.  There has to be a "gas angel" 'cause I've got one.  I don't know how many times I've got myself in that kind of situation where I'm in the middle of "something"  "somewhere" and my gas light is on solid.  And the car keeps going!
Finally asked a policeman where there's a gas station.  Filled it.  Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Feels like I've got a new lease on life.  Now I'm free to look and look and look for that hostel--any hostel.  I don't care how long it takes to find it.  I'm in no rush.
Found one.  Not bad.  Except there are only 4 parking spaces--and there's only one left!  Have to drive around the block 3 times to find the little parking lot in the back off a one-way side street--Oh I love cities!  I hope someone else doesn't grab that parking space while I'm making another pass.
Alright.  Got the space.  Right there next to the alley.  Yep, this looks good.  Hidden back here in the alley--anyone can smash the window or whatever.  Oh well, just relax.  I'm not taking all my stuff out for one night.  Maybe nothing will happen.  Who wants to break in to take camping gear.  I'll leave my doors unlocked.  It looks like a dirty, cheap little car owned by someone who can't afford much.  "Look, she doesn't even lock her doors.  There must not be anything in there worth stealing.  Nope, no stereo, nothing.  Not even an air conditioner--ha, who buys a car now-a-days without air conditioning?  Aw, let's leave this poor person's car alone."
Ok, so I was a little worried about my car. 
After I got settled into the hostel, I took a walk to the lake.  I've got a really nice picture somewhere here--well, it shows a bunch of skyscrapers built right on the edge of the lake.
I'll leave a space to the right so I can put the picture in when I find it.
Above (someday):  A bunch of Chicago skyscrapers on the edge of the lake.
Couldn't wait to get out of the city!   Couldn't wait to go to sleep so I could wake up early and leave!  Head out on that road and take off!
I don't think I ever want to go to another big city again.  I don't even like to go to Boston, and that's nothing compared to the size of Chicago.
Left early.  Free.
But, wouldn't you know it, later the next day I missed an exit for a hostel that I had planned on going.  So I said to myself, "Oh just keep going 'til you find something else."
Ended up it Pittsburgh.
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(Now It's 2005 and I still haven't found this photo.)
Now it 2007, and I've given up on finding anymore photos.)