Pittsburgh International
July 7
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Pittsburgh International Hostel
830 E. Warrington Ave.
Tel. # (412) 431-1267
Rates:  $17/HI member
Credit cards:  yes
Beds:  56
Private Rms.:  yes
Affiliation:  HI
Office Hrs. : 8-10am & 5-10pm
Above:  Pittsburgh International Hostel
Above:  The elevator.  The Pittsbugh Hostel used to be a bank.  They have cleverly converted the heavy duty safe into an elevator.
Right:  Spotless, modern bathrooms
Left:  Dining area off the kitchen.
Above:  My bunk.  Had the  room to myself again. Pretty good view of the city.  And it wasn't noisy at all.  Fell right off to sleepy sleep land.
Right:  What a kitchen!  It's cleaner than mine (well, that's not a fair comparison because everyone's kitchen is cleaner than mine).
There was a piano room and a library for anyone who wanted to use it.
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Poconos in Pennsylvannia
July 8
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Even though this hostel was in the city, it wasn't bad because it wasn't in a super-crowded area.  And there was plenty of parking that looked fairly safe.
The first thing I noticed about the Pittsburgh Hostel was that it was immaculate.  Very clean.  And the manager and workers were friendly & helpful.
It's located in a renoveded bank building.  It seemed a little strange getting into what looked like a bank vault to ride the elevator upstairs.  But it was neat!