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September 2
Went on the boat tour to Wizard's Island.  But first we had to hike way, way down the side on the crater to the water.
It was quite a steep hike.
I really like this photo, but I don't know how to rotate it.  When I learn, I'll come back and post it correctly.
It's a picture of fungi growing on the side of a tree on Wizard Island.

Well, it's been almost 5 yrs. since I made this website and I still haven't learned how to rotate this photo--even though many people have been kind enough to take the time to e-mailed me to tell me how to rotate photos.  The problem however, is in order to rotate it, I have to get into the "homestead" program where I created the site.  And I can't remember how to do that.  I guess I've just been lazy and have been procrastinating because I just don't feel like reading the directions.
Waiting for the boat to return to Wizard Island to pick me up--some of us had disembarked so we could explore the island a little bit.
The big hotel--the only structure build on Crater Lake.
I didn't stay there--just looked around.  Stayed at the campground.
Sign posted at the campgrounds:
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Fordson Home Hostel
Cave Junction, OR
September 3
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Crater Lake is amazing!
You can't even see the lake until you drive right up to the edge and look down!