Fordson Home Hostel
Cave Junction, Oregon

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September 4
Fordson Home Hostel
250 Robinson Rd.
Tel. # (541) 592-3203
Rates: $8-$10/HI member
Beds;  5
Private Rms: Vary
Affiliation:  HI
Office Hrs.: 7-10am
Above:  Look closely and you'll see the "Hostel" sign in the tree.  Many hostels have little signs like these--I guess that's one good reason why people don't find hostels unless they are specifically looking for them.
I know there were many instances where even neighbors didn't realize that there was a hostel in the area--many of them had never even heard of a hostel.
Above:  Hostel owner, Mr. heald, has quite a collection of antique tractors.
Above:  Almost missed that sign.
The Fordson Home Hostel.
When I arrived the hostel was closed because Mr. Heald was away. I asked the caretaker if I could please camp out on the side lawn because I had just driven so far (I had learned from my mistake at the Weisel Hostel in Pennsylvannia).
Phew!  She agreed.  

Left:  Pitched my tent on the lawn.  In the morning the caretaker had coffee ready for me, and allowed me to use the shower.
Awoke refreshed the next day and decided to visit the Oregon Caves National Monument.
The park ranger showing a spider that lives in the caves.  He was pretty patient with me while I fumbled with my camera--especially since he wasn't too fond of spiders himself.
The cute park ranger.
I'm not posting any photos of inside the caves because they really didn't come out very good.  To appreciate the unique quality of the Oregon Caves in comparison to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, check out their web site:
It was an interesting tour.  We learned about the frailty of the caves and it's inhabitants, and how they are affected by the presence of humans.
(There are probably a lot of spelling & grammer mistakes in this paragraph.)
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Sept. 4