Redwood National Park Hostel
Klamath, California
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Left & Above:
The Redwood National Park Hostel.
Prestine area and right across the street from the Pacific Ocean.
Redwood National Park Hostel
14480 California  Hwy 101 at
Willow Creek Road
Tel.# (707) 482-8265
E-mail:  redwoodhostel!
Rates:  $14/HI member
Private Rm:  $30/40
Credit Cards:  Yes
Beds:  30
Affilations:  HI
Office hrs.:  7:30-9:30am and
Left and Below:
Views from the hostel
Outdoor sitting area in the backyard of the hostel overlooking the ocean.
A couple of hostellers relaxing on the couch in the hostel livingroom/computer area.
Left & Below:
An excellent example of a clean & organized hostel kitchen.
Entrance from the parking lot to the Redwood Hostel.
Left:  And, of course, my bunk.
Sept. 4
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Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA
Sept. 5

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The next day, after leaving the hostel, I visited the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, CA.
Right:  There's my car benieth (i before e except after c?) Paul Bunyan and Babe his Blue Ox.

Right: I couldn't get that close and not touch that thousand year old tree!
Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!
Above & Right: Met Libby and her father on the gondola to the top.  Could see the ocean beyond the trees.    Below:  Libby on one of the sculptures.
Right:  After leaving the "Trees of Mystery" I had to find one of those "Drive-Through" trees.
To learn more, click on thier web site: