Everglades International Hostel
Homestead (Florida City), Florida
April 13 & 14
Day 6 & 7
Home Page
Everglades Hostel
20 SW 2nd. Ave.
Florida, City FL 33034
Tel. #(305) 248-1122
Rate:  $10/person
Credit Cards:  None
Beds: 6
Private rooms:  None
Affiliation:  None
Office hours vary:  Call

Another "traveler friendly" hostel.  Staff was pleasant & helpful.
Stayed 2 nights.
Top:  Front entrance
Left:  Female dorm room.  My bunk on bottom.  Nice soft quilts.  Crisp clean sheets.    Lots of cats.  One curled up on the foot of my bed.  Sweet!
Beautiful garden with a fountain in the back yard.
They built their own float for the parade!
Gate leading into the back yard & gardens of the Everglades Hostel.
During my stay at the Everglades Hostel, I took a couple of day trips to visit local attractions like the Primate "Biopark", Monkey Jungle in Florida City.  Photo on Right:
Photos left & below:   Also visited the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida.  The Coral Castle is a National Historic Site.
Left:  The tower of the castle.
To find out more about this landmark, click onto their web site below:
Later in the day, on my way to Key West I visited the John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida, and went on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour.
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Key West
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To learn more about the interesting life of the man who single-handedly built the Coral Castle, click here to find out more in
Joe Bullard's  novel
"Waiting For Agnes".