Grand Canyon
National Park, Arizona
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Sept. 24, 25 26
Sept. 23
Well, I saw it!  The Grand Canyon!  What can I's the Grand Canyon!   Wow!
Got tons of photos.

Stayed at the Grand Canyon National  Campground.
The next day a made a point to stop and see Meteor Crator--Where I discovered I left my credit card at the Grand Canyon Gift Store.  Hassle time--luckily, I brought another one. 
Below:  Meteor Crator in Arizona
Meteor Crater, also called, the Barringer Crater, was formed 50,000 yrs. ago.  It's a mile wide and 570 ft deep.  It's smack in the middle of the flat desert.  It was worth seeing. 
If you want to learn more about this crater, check out their website:
And the n......I just had to visit the Petrified Forest National Park.
And of course....I couldn't drive by Winslow, Arizona without being reminded of the song.  The words stuck in my head.  Getting low on gasoline, I had to pull off the highway and look for a gas station in Winslow.  While just driving around, I happened upon "The corner..."  Wow!  I never even knew they had such a thing.  It's not a very good photo--but it's a corner dedicated to that song.