Sandia Mountain Hostel
Cedar Crest, New Mexico
12234 Highway 14N  Tel. (505)281-4117
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Sept. 24, 25, 26
Left:  Don't forget to close your car windows so that the burro's don't reach in and drag something out!  Don't worry, they're friendly!
I spent a few days last year at the Sandia Hostel.  I like it because it's on the side of a mountain.  There always seems to be a nice, cool breeze.
Came back this year because I knew it would be a good place to take a break from traveling--comfortable, clean, friendly.  A good place to lay back for a day or two and just take it easy.
The owner had offered to take me on a burro ride up through the mountain.  But I felt in a rush to get home, so I declined .  Now I wish I had!  Well, maybe next time!  I hope.
Right: Sandra, a fellow hosteller, and I drove to Chimayo.  We collected some "Holy Soil" there.  I brought some home to a friend of mine who wanted it.
Below:  El Santurio de Chimayo also known as the Lourdes of America.  To learn more about Chimayo check out this website: 
Above:  Clean, well-stocked kitchen.
Above:  Very clean, large bunks.
Right:  A little restaurant next to the mission.

Below:  A stand selling chilli pepper strands. (I know there's a special name for them, but I forget.)
After Chimayo, we drove to Santa Fe to see the market, walk around, and find something to eat.

Left:  Bronze sculpture 
Left:  The Market where artisens sold their jewelery.
Damn, someday I'll learn how to flip these photos!
We stopped for burritos in Santa Fe.  They were too hot for me.
I know it's a pain having to "crook" your neck to look at these photos.  Sorry.  Someday I'll go back and fix them all.  Probably not.  But I want to. 

I'm sure if/when I go to the Southwest again--I'll be stopping in at the Sandia Mountain Hostel and have a cup of morning coffee under that tree again!
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Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Tenn.
Sept. 27