Joshua Tree National Park
Twentynine Palms, California
Sept. 18
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Arrived at Joshua Tree National Park around 5PM.  Almost closing time at the information center.  It was still over 100 degrees out.  Hot & sticky.  I asked the park ranger about the  park campground...about tarantula's and scorpions in particular...
She said that if I got out of my tent during the night, I'd definately see tarantulas.
It was getting late.  Had to decide if I wanted to pitch my tent in the baking heat of the desert campground & sweat all night with the possibility of some creepy crawler squeezing through some crack in the tent seam, OR find a nice (preferably cheap), air conditioned motel with a swimming pool & shower where I could scrub off the days worth of accumulated grime.
Yep--Motel.  If there was ever an excuse to spend money on a motel--this was it! 
Below:  The Sunset Motel  -- Decadent luxury (cheap too!)
After a long day of driving & sweating...
Cool.  Cooler.  Coolest.
Swim.  Shower.  Watch TV from the bed in an air conditioned room! is good!
Once again, I had the pool to myself.  Where is everybody & why aren't they in the pool?  It was 105 degrees out!
Enjoyed the coolness more than I ever thought possible!  Knew that the next day I'd be out there in the oven again!  But I didn't mind 'cause it was all part of the adventure. 

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Hotel Congress Hostel
Tucson, AZ
Sept. 19
Left, above, below:  Joshua Tree National Park
Heading south toward Joshua Tree NP, I exited Rt. 40 and traveled on a very secluded section of Route 66.  The road wasn't in very good condition--a few bumps and pot holes.  But I was having a good time driving and looking around at everything.
Drove by a tiny, tiny town on Route 66 called Amboy on my way to Twenty-Nine Pines near Joshua Tree.
Right:  This is what the landscape looked like on both sides of Rt.66.  I didn't see one car the whole way!
I'm so glad my kia held up.