Las Vegas Backpacker's
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 14
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This is a perfectly excellent hostel.  There are lots of comfortable lounge chairs around the  large, sparkling clean swimming pool, there's  barbeque equipment, outdoor poolside pool table, and more.  There is also a small restaurant attached to the hostel.  And the hostel itself has a cosy little room to buy food & lounge around in.
But it was a little too busy for me.  Maybe if I were younger or if I still liked to party a lot.  But for now, just traveling around the country is excitement enough for me.  When I get to a hostel at night, I usually just want to go to sleep.
Las Vegas Backpacker's Hostel
located on
Fremont Street

This hostel was not in my Hostels USA guidebook.
I must have found it in another book.  I'll fill out this infomation later.
Above:  This was one of the co-ed bunk rooms.  That was my bunk--top right.  I opted to return to the other hostel "Las Vegas Independent" even though it didn't have a pool.  I needed a quieter place.  Maybe next time I'll stay here longer.
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