Lanesboro Old Barn
Resort & Hostel
Preston, Minnesota
July 5
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Lanesboro Old Barn Resort Hostel
Route 3, Preston, Minn.
Tel. # (800) 552-2512
Rates:  $10-13/person
Beds:  53
Affiliation:  None
Office Hrs.:  9AM-9PM
Above:  Lanesboro Old Barn Resort & Hostel
The owners of this hostel also own a large campground.  This hostel is in a big converted barn.  Also within the barn is a restaurant & bar for patrons.  There's a golf course (not in the barn, silly), and an indoor, heated swimming pool.
Right:  The woman and her son reserve a family room at the Old Barn hostel every summer to enjoy the lovely wooded grounds, and to ride down the river in their inner tubes.
Left:   Here's the restaurant and pub in the Old Barn Resort Hostel.  There was also a room with a pool table, and a room with video games.
Left:  Always got to get a picture of my bunk.  Love those bunks!
Left the KOA in Sioux Falls by 5:30 AM.  Heard a couple of rain drops on my tent--well, you know the drill!
Drove to Storm Lake, Iowa to see the Wind Farm.  Lots & lots of huge wind mills!  Just one blade was bigger than my whole car.
To learn more about them,
click on to their web site:
From the Wind Farm, I zipped over to West Bend, Iowa to see the Grotto of the Redemption.  It's best just to check out thier web site:
Above:  Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, Iowa
I wonder if the guy who built this alone, and the guy who built the "Coral Castle" alone were related?  What causes that anyway?  About the only thing I can build by myself is a submarine sandwich.
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