Pyramid Lake
Paiute Indian Reservation
Nixon, Nevada
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Took my shoes off, and made myself right at home.
Pyramid Lake was one of my favorite places--a real retreat.  No hotels, no campgrounds, no lake-side camps, no boats, no traffic, no crowds.
Sept. 6, 7, & 8
I stayed 3 nights.  One night when I went to sleep, the lake was very calm.  But as the wind picked up, white caps appeared on the lake, and I had to get up to move my tent back away from the shore about 15 feet because the waves were almost reaching it.
The nights were pitch black.  Not a light to be seen, except for the stars. (and the reflection of my car tail lights & license plate.)
Remnants of ancient trees from a time when this area was covered with forests.
I had planned on coming to Pyramid Lake last year.  But wasn't able to fit it in.
Now that I had made it here, I could not leave without seeing "The Stone Mother" that I had seen and read about on the Internet during my road trip research.

This is the road that leads to the Stone Mother.  Once again, my car was put to the test...
Road isn't too bad yet.
Only saw one other vehicle--a pick-up truck.
There were a few cows wandering around also.
On the way, I noticed this little sign up on the hill, so I got out of my car to check it out.
Up in the left hand corner it reads, "Radioactive Waste".

I didn't read anything about that during my research.
Made it to Pyramid Rock.
Now to find the Stone Mother.
It took a while for me to get the right angle.
And then I saw her--The Stone Mother.
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The Legend of the Stone Mother.
At one time, these huge rocks were covered by the lake.
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Sept. 9
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It was a hectic drive through the heavy traffic of Reno, NV, but once I got out on the open road again, it was well worth it to arrive at Pyramid Lake.
It's a another beautiful desert lake.  Located on the reservation, it is owned & operated by  the Paiute Indians.
It only cost $5.00 a night.  There was a small store nearby that closed in the late afternoon.  After that, you're totally alone.
And I mean TOTALLY alone!  So silent & peaceful.  It was great.