Blu Zu Hostel
Lake Tahoe, California side (I think)
Here's a hostel I found in Lake Tahoe.  It wasn't in my book.
Right:  Here's a picture of the hostel--the building to the right of the Friendship Inn.
Below:  Blu Zu Hostel
Above, Right, & Below:  Inside hostel.

At most hostels, you just drop off your linen in a hamper and leave, but here--you had to hand them over to the owner in the morning so she could count them.  I guess she must have gotten ripped off in the past.  That would explain her unpleasant attitude.
But I really shouldn't complain.  Hostels are still a bargain.  And not every one of them can be perfect.
Comfortable sitting & eating area.  Short walk to the beach.
The room and bunk were comfortable enough.  I only had one room mate.
After leaving Pyramid Lake, I stopped in Virginia City, Nevada on my way to Tahoe.
Main Street, Virginia City
A lot of tourists.
Had lunch in one of the sit down restaurants (as opposed to a 99 cent burger or a peanut butter sandwich on the side of the road.)
Leaving Virginia City
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Sacramento Hostel
Sept. 10

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