Don's House
Sea Tac, Washington
May 26 - June 1
and June 3
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Most of my time at my friend's house was spent relaxing.  Found a place to develop the dozen or so rolls of APS film that had accumulated.
Some of the time I spent down on the docks looking across Puget Sound (wondering what's on the other side), and watching people fish.
Sea Tac is only 15 miles from Seattle.  Never got the chance to tour Seattle.  If I ever come back here I'm going to make a point of going to the top of the Space Needle for dinner!
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Rain Forest Hostel
On June 1st.  I took a ride to the HOH Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula.   It's a must see!  Stayed overnight at the Rain Forest Hostel.
After I got back from the Rain Forest, I left my friend's house to continue my journey.  Click here for Next Stop:
Jericho Beach Hostel
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