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Last year was the first time I came to this hostel and stayed about 10 days.  I don't gamble at all, but the hostel is a good, inexpensive place to stay while visiting all the "other stuff"  (like buffets, free shows, etc.) in Las Vegas.
This time I only spent 2 nights.  Sort of getting a little home sick.  Time to move on...
Sept. 21 & 22
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Left:  My bed.  Damn, I still don't know how to "flip" a photo!  Looks kind of drab.  But it was nice and cool.  For more photos of Vegas, check out my visit from last year.  This time, I was just "passing through".
After Vegas, I headed toward the Grand Canyon.  But there was lots to see before I got there.  There's Hoover Dam on the right.
Left:  The "Arizona Overlook".  It overlooks the Hoover Dam.  I stopped there for my early morning coffee.   That's Gene, the owner, on the left.   The "Overlook" is a great place to stop for good coffee and good conversation!
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Grand Canyon
Sept. 23