Watson Lake Campground
Watson Lake, Yukon
June 12
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(Journal:  9:30 PM, June 12)
Arrived at Watson Lake in the Yukon!  Drove about 630 miles today.  Fantastic scenery!  Mucho Lake is a beatiful green.  Almost stopped there to camp.
Took a break at 11 AM for coffee and a sandwich.  Bought & sent postcards.  Got more to write, but there are too many mosquitoes outside the tent.  They are big, fast, and hungry.
I'm in the Yukon!  I can't believe it!  Still got a long way to go to Fairbanks.
9:30 PM and still light out.  They say the sun starts rising here at 2:30 AM.  I wonder what time it sets.  By the time I reach Fairbanks, it won't set at all.
It's not cold, but I've got plenty of the blankets that I bought as gifts in Mexico.  They'll just be a little used when I give them away.
"The Magic and the Mystery"
Above:  My campsite at Watson Lake Campground
Above:  Flowers along the Alaska highway in the Yukon.
Saw a brown bear today and a fox.  Saw 4 black bear yesterday.  They say tbe brown bear are grizzles.
Hope I taped all the holes in my tent--don't want the mosquitos getting me.  Birds are still chirping.  It would be nice to get a good 6 or 7 hours sleep.  Beginning to feel like a zombie!
Above:  Signpost Forest.  People bring signs from all over the country and world to display here Watson Lake.
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June 13 & 14
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