West Yellowstone Hostel
(Inside the Madison Hotel)
West Yellowstone, Montana
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Above:  West Yellowstone Hostel
I know, it's too dark.  I took the picture as I was leaving around 4 or 5 am.
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Left:  Front door of W. Yellowstone Hostel.  Took this photo the day before while it was still daylight.
I can't find my journal... think this hostel cost around $25.00 a night.  I'll fill the rest of this info. in later.
It is a nice, clean, and spacious hostel.  A little on the expensive side because there are a lot of tourists.  But it's still way cheaper than a hotel.  This hostel was pretty filled up, but wasn't crowded.
The bunk rooms are cozy and clean.  Sturdy bunks with plenty of headroom.

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Brownies Hostel
Glacier National Park
August 14

Left the hostel at daybreak.  Headed north towards Glacier National Park.  It's a loooog way to Brownies!
August 13