Yellowstone Yurt Hostel
Cooke City, Montana
August 12
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Payment by the "Honor System".  The sign reads:
"If no one is around, please leave the $14 per person and sign the book.  Thanks"
Yellowstone Yurt Hostel
West Broadway St.
Tel. # (800) 364-6242
Rates;  $14
Season:  All year except
May, June, & October
Affiliation:  None
Office hrs. :  24/7
The Yurt is the round, white structure.  Behind that is a small cabin where the manager was staying.  The place with the green roof over the picnic table was the cooking & storage area.  Bathroom was behind that.
There were 3 bunks.
I was the only person there that night.
The Yurt was like a big canvas tent.  The white walls and the clear dome on the top allowed plenty of light to enter.
This is the view from the Yurt Hostel.
On my way to the Yurt Hostel, I spent the day checking out the sights in Yellowstone National Park.
Old Faithful Geyser
Your Standard Yellowstone Buffalo
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Mammoth Hot Springs.
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W. Yellowstone, MT
August 13

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